WSU Yamasaki
The Legacy of Minuro Yamasaki
at Wayne State University

the WSU Yamasaki Legacy


The Yamasaki Legacy project enhances and facilitates scholarship, public interest and restoration of the architectural heritage at Wayne State University that Minoru Yamasaki and his buildings have created. These buildings include the McGregor Memorial Conference Center, the Education Building, the Meyer and Anna Prentis Building, and the Helen L. DeRoy Auditorium.

Goals and Objectives
  1. Create a national presence/site/repository/resource for the Yamasaki-designed buildings at Wayne State University.
    1. Establish a Yamasaki website highlighting the Wayne State Yamasaki buildings.
    2. Provide information to the public about architecture and design during the mid-twentieth century, such as through videos of the Yamasaki Lectures.
    3. Inform the public of tours of the Yamasaki buildings and other mid-twentieth century architecture.
  2. Establish a research resource for scholars of architecture, creative design and historic preservation.
    1. Provide information to scholars such as links to Wayne State’s Walter P. Reuther Library of Labor & Urban Affairs.
    2. Provide links to other sites with Yamasaki archives, information and images, such as the Michigan State Historic Preservation Office.
    3. Participate in grant funding opportunities related to restoration and renovation of the Yamasaki buildings at Wayne State University.
  3. Enhance the study and preservation of the Yamasaki buildings and gardens at WSU.
    1. Gather experts from Wayne State University and the Yamasaki Advisory Board to provide consultation and input to the Facilities Planning and Management Division, related to restoration of the Yamasaki buildings.